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Bright Eye Movers
and Cleaners

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About Us

We are a family owned Moving company, in the city of Camphill, Pennsylvania. A woman owned business.
We are in this business for ONLY ONE REASON ALONE!!! And that is to SOLVE A PROBLEM

The Problem: The popular belief and experience that says Moving is very stressful and hectic. Pretty frustrating. Perhaps even a nightmare. Nothing to look forward to. A day you dread.

Our Solution: We say NO to that paradigm. Who made that law?!
We truly and sincerely believe that Moving Can be actually relaxing, fun and enjoyable to the extent that it becomes a memorable experience.
We don’t just believe in this, we train, we learn, we innovate and we actually go out and make this happen.
So this is the singular reason why we got into this business. To debunk that old paradigm and to change the narrative!

We do everything involved in Moving.
- We will move you, short distance, or long distance, or from one state to another state
- Provide packing supplies
- Provide packing labour
- Provide Truck
- Provide Moving Labor to load and unload Truck
- Disassembly and reassembly
- Junk removal
- Heavy item (piano, safe)
- Move-in or Move-out deep and restorative Cleaning

Call us for your free quote or on-site survey and estimate

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Home: About

Let us take the stress out of your move

We also offer a variety of junk removal and cleaning services to make the transition to a new home as easy as possible. We provide deep, restorative cleaning when you are moving out of your old home or are preparing to move into a new one, as well as commercial cleaning for offices and businesses. Our professional cleaners will take the stress of cleaning off your hands so you can focus on your move.

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Home: About
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Moving Services

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Professional Cleaners

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Junk Removal

Piano Keys

 Piano Moving

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Packing Services

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Mover Packing

Why Choose Us

We have an experienced team of trained movers that will take great care of your belongings. With us, you never have to worry about everything arriving in one piece. We love what we do, and each move is a fun and enjoyable experience for all of us here at our local moving service. We promise to put a smile of satisfaction on your face. If you need piano moving, packing services, or anything else to help with your move, get in touch with us today.

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I am SO GRATEFUL!!!! I had originally hired another moving company (Pro Fit Movers) and they did not show up nor would they respond. I started calling other movers and when Josiah answered and I explained my dilemma he went above and beyond to help me out. I had to be out of my office with barely any wiggle room for time. Bright Eye Movers and Cleaners not only came through to help me but they did an excellent job and so nice too!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

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